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Assorted bitchings

(Danica doesn't have any unexpressed thoughts)

Danica Koldovnik
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Danica Grey is a character from my upcoming novel, The Thirteenth Bride, as well as several of my short stories. She is a snarky, bitchier-seeming-than-she-actually-is, socially-isolated necromancer whose life develops Lovecraftean levels of horror on a regular basis nearly from the nature of her powers. I like rping with her now and again largely to prod the Muse into more activity. Generally, it works. More details on her can be found here: http://danica-grey.livejournal.com/990.html

Update: Danica is now published! A novelette with her in it was just published in Flesh and Bone: Rise of the Necromancers, by Pill Hill Press. Details here: http://www.pillhillpress.com/books.html